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Howard Stone is one of the best kept secrets in Show Business.
Besides stand up he is also an accomplished, actor, writer, radio personality and cartoonist.
His unconventional comedic style is both laid back and manic. Sitting on a stool (usually his own) Howard lures his audience into his world by weaving his own personal stories with sharp one liners and improvisation. He launches effortlessly into tirades about parenthood, pop culture, his Jewish roots, sobriety, coping will mental illnesses, commercialism, getting old and all the other absurdities of life.
Howard was the co- creator of the internationally acclaimed Jesus Roast, Hitler Roast and Obama Roast. His character Uncle Howard was featured on Last Comic Standing.
He also had three highly rated radio/podcast shows. The Monday Morning Blah Blah Blahs .. Sloppy Seconds and Monday Morning Madness on both Mutiny Radio and FCC Free Radio.
Howard currently has two TV pilots in development

Howard also produces a line of calendars featuring his cartoon creation, Blind Worms.

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