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Let's Get Howard To Eat It!

Partial List of what Howard has eaten:

1. Potted Meat Food Product
2. Pickled Habinero Pepper
3. Pickled Pig's Foot
4. Cat Food (tuna and chicken)
5. Dog Food (moist beef stew)
6. Vienna Sausages
7. Clamato Energy Drink
8. Veal in Veal Broth Baby Food
9. Lil' Whiskas (Kitty's Stew)
10. Gourmet Dog Treats Shaped Like Cookies
(No More Pet Products, Please!)
11. Underwood Liverwurst Spread
with Deep Fried Spicy Pork Skin Spoon
12. Santol [salted]
(I still have no idea what that stuff was)
13. Raspberry Flavored Canned Cling Peaches
(dipped in clam juice)
14. Peanut Butter and Sardine Sandwich
15. BBQ Flavored Larvets (Worms)
16. Spam with Cheese
17. Pickled Mudfish
18. Durian Mornthong (some kind of a fruit...I think)
19. Vienna Sausages (Zesty BBQ Flavored) with
Porterhouse Steak Flavored Dog Food
{Variation of the chip and dip suggested by my kids}
20. Canned Quaill Eggs with Grass Jelly Drink
21. Pup-Peroni Dog Treat dipped in
Passion Fruit Punch Flavored Lubricant
22. Peanut Butter, Brie and Wasabe
on a plastic spoon (YUMMY!)
23. Yet More Dog Food w/ Wasabe Cracker
served by an arrogant French Chef
24. Snails in a Can
with 1,000 Year Old Egg
25. Follow me on this one
Fruit Beef Jerk, Spicy Fruit Beef Jerky,
Spam Oven Roasted Turkey,
Vienna Sausages and Okra
Baked in a Pizza
White and Red Sauce
26. Cluck a Doodle Doo Cat Food
Mixed with Tuna in a pouch
Served by a junkie
27.Wasabe peas infused into a vienna sausage
dipped in non refrigerated vanilla pudding

What will Howard eat next?

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